Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're Having a BABY!?!?!

We found out that we were expecting on May 16th 2009 with a positive home pregnancy test. It was amazing how one little word could flip your world upside down in a matter of moments.

Our first doctor's appointment was June 8th. Thinking we were 8 weeks pregnant, we found out that we were actually 9 weeks. The estimated due date is Jan 10th 2010. This appointment was very overwhelming. There were so much to go over, what to eat, what not too, what medicines you can or can't have, activities to avoid. What hospital we will deliver at. They drew a lot of blood and asked a lot of questions. Needless to say our heads were spinning when we left, but we were still very excited.
Next appointment: July 1st (12 Weeks)

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